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Anchoring treaded inserts

<table width="962"> <tbody> <tr> <td width="113">Type</td> <td width="98">D1 tread</td> <td width="114">Thickness body Min.**</td> <td width="103">H1 Insert length</td> <td width="107">D2 Hole diameter ⌀ ±0.2</td> <td width="91">L2 Hole depth +1.0</td> <td width="101">No. Crowns number</td> <td width="126">Average assembly press-in force* kN (lbf)</td> <td width="109">Average pull-out strenght * kN (lbf)</td> </tr> <tr> <td width="113">IM1S/M.. /H5</td> <td width="98">M4 M5 M6</td> <td width="114">8,0 mm</td> <td width="103">5 mm</td> <td width="107">12 mm</td> <td width="91">5,5 mm</td> <td width="101">1</td> <td width="126">0,2</td> <td width="109">0,9</td> </tr> <tr> <td width="113">IM2S/M.. /H6</td> <td width="98">M4 M5 M6</td> <td width="114">8,5 mm</td> <td width="103">6 mm</td> <td width="107">12 mm</td> <td width="91">6,5 mm</td> <td width="101">2</td> <td width="126">0,4</td> <td width="109">2,5</td> </tr> <tr> <td width="113">IM4S/M.. /H8,5</td> <td width="98">M4 M5 M6</td> <td width="114">11


FASTCON is made of 2 parts, male and female, in stainless steel, with a special profile suitable for quick connection between them. FASTCON is installed by screwing, bonding or riveting. The clips have a release force (7kg and 10kg) that varies depending on the series used. Benefits • Quick and easy installation • Flexibility of use • Minimum overall dimensions • Can be used

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