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Anchoring treaded inserts

<table width="962"> <tbody> <tr> <td width="113">Type</td> <td width="98">D1 tread</td> <td width="114">Thickness body Min.**</td> <td width="103">H1 Insert length</td> <td width="107">D2 Hole diameter ⌀ ±0.2</td> <td width="91">L2 Hole depth +1.0</td> <td width="101">No. Crowns number</td> <td width="126">Average assembly press-in force* kN (lbf)</td> <td width="109">Average pull-out strenght * kN (lbf)</td> </tr> <tr> <td width="113">IM1S/M.. /H5</td> <td width="98">M4 M5 M6</td> <td width="114">8,0 mm</td> <td width="103">5 mm</td> <td width="107">12 mm</td> <td width="91">5,5 mm</td> <td width="101">1</td> <td width="126">0,2</td> <td width="109">0,9</td> </tr> <tr> <td width="113">IM2S/M.. /H6</td> <td width="98">M4 M5 M6</td> <td width="114">8,5 mm</td> <td width="103">6 mm</td> <td width="107">12 mm</td> <td width="91">6,5 mm</td> <td width="101">2</td> <td width="126">0,4</td> <td width="109">2,5</td> </tr> <tr> <td width="113">IM4S/M.. /H8,5</td> <td width="98">M4 M5 M6</td> <td width="114">11

Anti-vibration insert

It is an anti-vibration insert in vulcanized rubber with a threaded brass bush inside, that solves problems of fixing on parts stressed by vibrations. A threaded anti-vibration expansion insert formed by a nylon body and a light-alloy internal nut.

Bi-fix Quarter turn fastener

The BI-FIX quarter turn fastener is used for securing panels and components where accessibility is important. The special characteristic of the BI-FIX quarter-turn fastener is its quick and simple detachability. Finger pressure onto the head of the stud re-clicks the fastener into the locked position.


The set expects a base plate and the fastening which can be or stud or bush, and it offers perfect solutions to achieve a suitable fastening on composite materials. The set is assembled by embedding, or at stage of pressing, or by sticking of the plate on the base. The various forms of the base plaque offer flexibility at


FASTCON is made of 2 parts, male and female, in stainless steel, with a special profile suitable for quick connection between them. FASTCON is installed by screwing, bonding or riveting. The clips have a release force (7kg and 10kg) that varies depending on the series used. Benefits • Quick and easy installation • Flexibility of use • Minimum overall dimensions • Can be used


A special helicoidal insert thread designed for producing or regenerating threaded seats submitted to heavy static or dynamic loads, even at very high temperatures. Particularly suggested in case of frequent tightening operations and when there is risk of corrosion, this part has a spring shape and a lozenge square section. Available both in the standard version and in the

Inserts for plastic

Cold insertion threaded bushes self clinching and expansion, threaded inserts stud, head insertion threaded inserts stud. <a href="">CatalogPlasticRev0520_INSERT LT</a>

Self-threading metal inserts

<a href="">CatalogENSAT_ING_INSERT LT</a> Self-threading metal inserts with special internal and external threads provided with particular tapping splits or holes. Suitable for low resistant materials where it is required to create threaded seats with high mechanical strengths. These parts may also be used for regenerating damaged threads.

Threaded inserts stud V867

Heat insertion threaded Studs (ultrasound/comoulding) V867 You could view all items here: <a href="">CatalogPlasticRev0520_INSERT LT</a>

Tube insert

  Square insert for the interior of square tubes IT is a revolutionary solution for the creation of threaded seats at the head of round and square section tubes. This system solves any anchoring issues for machining processes on the tubes and guarantees superior hold. The product offers solutions for round and square tubes and is available in a wide range

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