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Bi-fix Quarter turn fastener

The BI-FIX quarter turn fastener is used for securing panels and components where accessibility is important. The special characteristic of the BI-FIX quarter-turn fastener is its quick and simple detachability. Finger pressure onto the head of the stud re-clicks the fastener into the locked position.

Cage nut

The CAGE NUT is a metal threaded square nut, enclosed in an elastic cage. The easiness of assembly without the help of specific tools, the wide range of products and the nut’s floating feature, make the CAGE NUT the ideal insert for fastening on sheet metal. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS 1.Choose the CAGE NUT according to: • Cage-Nut material • thread diameter • sheet metal thickness •

Deform nut TC/SC

<a href="">CatalogDeformNutINSERT LT</a> Threaded tubular rivet nut with adjusting screw, for structural fastening systems on sandwich panels. Mechanic and chemical fastening. Deform-Nut® is a metal tubular threaded rivet with cylindrical or hexagonal shank. Its upper part is made by a deformable expansion chamber to anchor the rivet onto the material. Deform-Nut® can be applied to parts with no access to the inside


Threaded tubular rivet nuts with low profile head and inclined knurling.  Threaded tubular self-loking rivet nut with round head and inclined knurled body . You could view all deform-nuts here: <a href="">CatalogDeformNutINSERT LT</a>


Keens Inserts Provide high strength joints in low strength materials. Typical applications are transmission housings, electronic equipment and suspension units. Available in inch and metric thread sizes, the stainless steel solid bushing configuration of the Keens guarantees the quality of the internal thread before installation. No special tools are required for installation and standard taps […]

Self-tapping bushes V309

Self-tapping bushes V309 <a href="">309VCH</a>

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